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In spite of the fact the concept of mindfulness has pulled scholarly attention across various disciplines, research on mindfulness in the field of management remains limited. In particular, little research in this field has examined the impact of mindfulness and whether it relates to job stress in organizational and occupational settings, because in recent years the rise in stress has seen over all circles of life, especially in the working environment, job stress is a frequent problem across occupations and it impacts on job performance.  It is very much compulsory to take a holistic picture of surroundings of job stress by including the effects of mindfulness interventionson it.In carrying out the study, Pearson's correlation coefficient along with P-value was calculated for all hypothesis in this analysis which was used on 150 employees of different companies, organizations and institutions. Relevant data were collected using structured questionnaire. It was proposed that organizations should lessen mental strain, work over-burden and role ambiguity through adoption of job redesign techniques. Organizational support activities such as counseling and mindfulness trainings should also be increased

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