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The research seeks to move towards increasing the use of the role of supply chain management in the local industrial environment due to the current situation of technological, information and marketing revolutions at all levels that work to attract customers. The use of the chain function contributes to the improvement of the logistical performance of the company and customers by providing information that helps them to meet and meet the needs and requirements of its customers by creating competitive advantages of cost, quality, flexibility and appropriate delivery, which achieves the best institutional performance of continuity and sustainability in an era of rapid change and competition. The problem of the research emerged that the failure to use the role of supply chain management will lead to the loss of the company (the production of garments production and general trade / Baghdad) a lot of useful information in the field of savings and rationalization in costs and focus In the other competitive advantages, including quality, delivery and diversity and given the emergence of this problem, the research hypothesis pointed to the need to use the role of the supply chain and demonstrate its benefit in providing a future vision for the company through cooperation and effective coordination among the parties of the chain and improve the institutional work of the company to achieve the needs and aspirations of the company and its customers. To a set of conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which is that the role of the supply chain in the company in question achieves competitive advantages and guides its costs in the case of use of this series, and the need to pay attention to the requests of customers and study the reasons for the reluctance of customers to product The company through market studies and what are the requirements and desires of customers of goods and goods in the field of clothing without relying on models and models of clothing do not suit the market and the desire of the customer and competitive confrontation.

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Mohammed SameerDheribAL Robaaiy, Safa Mahdi Raji, & Basim Abdullah kadhim. (2020). The Importance of the Relationship between the Dimensions Of the Supply Chain And the Dimensions of Competitive Advantages (Cost, Quality, Flexibility, Delivery, Creativity) And Their Impact On Improving The Performance Of Companies Applied Research In Ga. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 896-916. Retrieved from