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The accounting syndrome is a structural phenomenon that is reflected in all aspects of human activity. It is worth noting that the syndrome has existed since the beginning of human life in the history of countries and societies. The syndrome has its causes, which are often the reasons for personal enrichment, expansion of movable and immovable property, through the exploitation of decay in the function of accounting and administrative and non-recognition of the laws and principles, rules and customs accounting.The syndrome can be described as a combination of symptomatic symptoms and concurrent single-source signs that lead to immoral behavior by persons holding positions of authority, such as accountants, managers, and government officials.

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Saoud Chayed Mashkour, Waad Hadi Abd, & Hanan Abdulameer Kadhim Almusawi. (2020). Accounting Syndromes and Using Effective Technics of Treatment (A survey study of the syndromes of Iraqi government institutions). Restaurant Business, 118(12), 922-935. Retrieved from