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The oil and gas industry is one that has changed the fortunes of different countries especially in the middle east where almost 70% of total world oil is concentrated. The oil and gas industry directly or indirectly affects and impacts other industries such as automobile industry where cars, trucks, motor cycles, heavy duty trucks as well as aeroplane all used products from. Evolution of innovation led to the birth of electric cars and a lot more products. Impact of this is that cars are less reliant on oil and gas products. As more electric auto-mobiles are produced, the treat of countries with economies totally dependent on oil and gas becomes high, and the need to examine the effect the evolution of electric auto-mobile is now priority. This paper focuses on examining the effect the evolution of electric auto-mobile and to further determine the future of oil driven economies using Iraq as case study.

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Alyaa Suhailnajm, & Abdul Rahman Kareem A. (2019). Effect And Future Of Electric Cars On Oil Driven Economies: Case Study Of Iraqi Oil Driven Economy. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 976-983. Retrieved from