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One of the significant issues in business today is attracting and sustaining quality employees. While innovative work, working conditions and fair compensation add to the employee commitment and dedication, it is an on-going process to comprehend the skills, abilities and opportunities for profession advancement. The present research attempts to study the key competencies of the employees of Durgapur Steel Plant through its in-house developed online Training Need Identification System. The prime focus of the current study is on analyzing the key competencies of Non executives S8 level in Central Engineer Maintenance (CEM) Department of the steel plant.

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Swati Bhatia, D. N. Rao, & (Maj) Deepak Bhatia. (2020). An Empirical Analysis of Competency Models and its Implications for Human Capital Development at Durgapur Steel Plant. Restaurant Business, 118(12), 992-1001. Retrieved from