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Human life is a most essential asset and life insurance is the most important type of insurance which provides financial security to a person and his family at the time of uncertain risks or damage. Life insurance provides both safety and security to individuals and also encourages savings among people. LIC of India plays a vital role in the welfare of human well-being by providing insurance to millions of people against life risks such as uncertain death or accident. The descriptive based study was selected with an objective to identify the perception of investors towards Life Insurance Corporation of India while their investment decision-making. Various insurance related factors have been discussed in the paper. The data for the study has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. The study area is limited only to Coimbatore District and sample size is 100 policyholders of LIC. Researcher has taken based on demographic and insurance based preference factors and tested them with the help of percentages method. Keywords:Customers, perception, LIC, Life insurance

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Dr. P.Annamuthu, B.Bharathi, Esther Nayagam, J.Sujitha, & M.Rinisha. (2019). A Study On Customer Perception Towards Investing In Life Insurance ( With Special Reference To Lic, Coimbatore District). Think India Journal, 22(10), 115-119. Retrieved from