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The academic achievement is one of the most important consideration in Educational level.  It is widely recognized that the student has experienced more stress and stress related disturbance in their lifeNowadays, the students are facing this academic stress and related sources in their school life.  This stress poses a great deal of tasks in society as it delays the students from acquiring intellectual knowledge which is needed for their development and growth in the society, hence the academic stress is a major  problem faced by all students.  Based on this, the study needs to observe academic stress among high school students in view of endorsing measure with which to reduce the problem. This study will become to understand various factors of sources and how they are affected.  This paper is to examine the need and importance of adequate and intervention strategies for reducing stress, anxiety and depression among school students.  The dimension of stress are examination stress, homework related stress and self inflicted stress.  This study is to analyze about the explore of academic stress and its relationship with mental health,  The descriptive survey method was adopted with the population of 200 high  school students from Government School  and Matriculation school.  This paper is to analyze the level of depression and stress among students and intervention strategies was given.

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