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Kotravai is a goddess of the Palai region. According to Sangam literature, she belonged to the people of dry region. Since their land was very hot, with very less agriculture or greenery they had to rob the traders or others who passed through their region for their livelihood. Their arrows were feared by the people of other regions. The Kaliṅkattupparaṇi and Takkayākapparaṇi, which are considered to have originated in the contemporary period, contain information about Kali, (Koṟṟavai), Ghost, (Kūḷi). Despite many hints, it can be noted as highly exaggerated. However, some of these are true when compared with literary data (Sangam literature, Cilappatikāram) as well. These two Baraṇi texts show the natural record of the Kali, the Kooli, the image, the temple, the sentiment. Even though the god Kotravai is not in practice in present days. Whereas it can be worshipped as Kaali and Durgai. Hence this paper aimed to trace of Kotravai in Barani texts and the trance of Kotravai as Durgai.

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