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Women play an important role in the nation building process and no country can developed without their contribution to the nation building. The Sachar committee report (2007) on contemporary status of Muslims in India revealed that Muslim is the most deprived section of the Indian society. the Muslim women are the lagging behind in all the sections. This study investigate the legal rights awareness among the educated Muslim women through self made women rights awareness test which contains fifty-two items and it consists the political, economic, social and general rights question. The study revealed that there is extremely low level of awareness about their rights among women despite having the educated status in the society. The data shows that, there are four women respondent who have a very good knowledge of economic rights, Six women in political aspect and one women in social aspects and four women in general aspect have good knowledge of their rights out of fifty respondents which is taken consideration for the study through purposive and convenient sampling. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution of India and various legislations introduced by the government to take preventive measures for women for inclusive development.

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Syed Fahad Hussain. (2019). A Study On Awareness Level Of Women’s Legal Rights Among Educated Muslim Women In Aligarh District. Think India Journal, 22(10), 1058-1073. Retrieved from