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As a hallmark of the adoption of New Economic Policy (NEP) 1991, there has been a spectacular zing in growth rate of service sector in Indian economy.Having 52% contribution towards GDP in 2014-15 made trampsto surface as one of the leading and fastest-growing sectors.It had fascinated momentous overseas venture flows, exports zone and providing far-reaching employment.India’s services sector asylum multiplicity of undertakings such as trade, hotel and restaurants, transportation, storage and communication, financing, insurance, real estate, business services, community, social, personal and constructionservices. However it also has its own glitches as income per capita rises, agriculture loses its primacy. The management andmarketing systems in the services sector continue to suffer fromlack of adequate systemization.Furthermore, it faces productivity and quality issues, wherein highlighting on the growing critique of service industries as they are eroding the economic well-being of workers.All growingeconomies are likely to go through these juncturesand must rely on urbanization, privatization and more demand forintermediate and final consumer services.

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