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The Important role played empowering in a woman in the family by employment; presently many development agencies are planning their programmes and projects of the empowerment of women through capacity building and strengthen their organizations. Given the importance of female leadership in community and grass-roots level, organizations, non-governmental organizations have been identified as a key factor in empowering women, and in ensuring that an accurate knowledge of their true situation, of their actual and potential roles, and of obstacles to their economic participation, is reflected in the design of economy-wide polices. According to A.K Sen, women are less likely to secure favorable outcomes for themselves in household decision making processes. They feel that their long term security lies in subordinating their wellbeing to that of male authority. In this condition education plays a key in discovery the employment and revenue. For a long period, male contribution towards household income was more as compared to female. It is because, female are forced to look after the household work and they were not given opportunity for education thereby revenue. By considering the importance female education, Government gave much importance for female education and changes could be realized at present. The present study analyses the female education and their important. Besides, the study links the contribution of the female income towards their family. Given this backdrop, the study interlinks three concepts viz., female education, income and their contribution to their household. Therefore, the findings of the study would give some policy insights to the researchers in identifying the development and gaps in female education and income.

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