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Technology should be an important ingredient. It may be and should be a tool for social development it is said by Aleksander Kwasneiwski.  Today, Chhattisgarh has huge issues about the unjust land acquisition by corporate, exploitation of water and forest resources, which are largely in direct conflict with the interests of tribal's & undermines their rights. Under these circumstances, the relevance of the predominant paradigm of development is under question. A paradigm which forces migration, displacement and evacuation of a large number of poor and villages mostly belonging to tribals and indigenous groups needs to be corrected. The low voice of tribal’s in decision-making and their alienation from land and forests are central to their continued exclusion from progress and development. This study focuses on socio-economic impacts of development on tribal’s life and presents the relationship of development and deprivation as a threat to these indigenous communities.

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1Dr. Archana Yadav, & Ms. Manupriya. (2019). Technological Development And Displacement: A Menace To The Indigenous People Of Chhattisgarh. Think India Journal, 22(10), 1298-1304. Retrieved from