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The objective of this work was to enhance Folic acid content in Legumes based Milk Chocolate, and to investigate the effect of incorporation of Legumes and Peanut milk by analyzing its Physico-Chemical and Organoleptic characteristics. The chocolate was made-up with different ratios of Legumes milk (Black-eyed pea, Cow pea, Chick pea and Yellow pea) and Peanut milk, with essential components of Cocoa powder, Butter and Jaggery. Sensory attributes of chocolates such as Flavour, Texture, Taste, Appearance and Colour were evaluated using 9 point hedonic scale, and found Yellow pea milk:Peanut milk of 2:1 ratio was most acceptable. Significant components of chocolate were optimized using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) based on Central Composite Design (CCD) experiments. The Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) data obtained from RSM was analyzed using a second degree polynomial equation and the contour plots obtained were used to study the interaction among the variables of legumes based milk chocolate. The optimum conditions for the developed nutritious chocolate was found to be Yellow pea = 80.52 g; Cocoa powder = 2.23 g and Butter = 5.06 g with the maximum Folic acid concentration of 2.0561 mg/g.

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