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Despite continued improvement in quality, CMMI-appraised organizations have faced challenges over the past few years despite regard to improving turnaround time. This is due primarily to the changing customer needs and ever-evolving nature of the market. The goal of this article is to provide a methodical approach to optimizing turnaround time and enhancing consumer business value through Lean Transformation. Lean transformation focuses on approaches at the organizational level that try to change the conventional mentality of software development and maintenance practices to adapt to the Agile way of working. In contrast, Lean Management approaches are attempting to produce easily shippable goods on schedule with increased business value and appropriate quality and quantity. Lean adoption has gained increasing prominence in IT organizations since the benefits were realized. A case study from a CMMI appraised IT services organization in Bangalore was considered with a focus on productivity enhancement by Lean transformation.

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Dr. Sri Ram Kothapalli, & Nanda M P. (2019). Productivity Improvement Through Lean Adoption In CMMI Appraised IT Services Organization In Bangalore. Think India Journal, 22(10), 1368-1375. Retrieved from