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The effective management of the Working Capital is essential for the effective performance of any organization. Working Capital is one of the key determinants of the productivity of cement Industry. The effective management of Working Capital is expected to result in smooth operating working capital cycle, lowest possible amount of working capital, lower rate of interest or cost of capital and optimal, return on current asset investment. In the last few over with spiraling inflation in the prices of inputs, the share of working capital to total assets have gone up and gradually problem of resources is becoming more serious than ever before. In general working capital is not properly managed in India and cement industry is no exception. Keeping this in mind the present work has been undertaken to analyze the composition and measure the effective management of working capital in Anjani Portland Cement located in Telangana State.

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Dr. K. Raji Reddy, & Mr. Ilaiah. (2019). Working capital Management in Cement Industry – A study of Anjani Portland Cements. Think India, 22(10), 1642-1651. Retrieved from