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Agriculture is the key factor for any country’s development. In India’s first five year plan itself, we have proved its importance through the economic growth of the country. To note more than half of the world’s population is directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture, approximately 70% of India’s population depends in Agriculture. In the current scenario, Indian agriculture has adopted lots of new technologies and frameworks to enhance its production. Farmers in many parts of India are now becoming mobile and internet friendly day-by-day, the penetration of useful, each and every minute information regarding crops, soils, climate, cultivate practices, financing, storage of produces and marketing in the farming communities is becoming easily popular and also gaining importance. Through many innovative methods we have achieved few remarkable achievements in our agriculture production. Agricultural growth requires satisfaction in new improved technologies available to increase yields and economic incentives sufficient to encourage farm families to invest in education and training. Thus, this paper critically analysis the current technologies used in agriculture and insist the importance of enhanced education and research systems in agriculture.

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