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This study on background of the study in perceived training needs of small ruminant farmers in Salem District at Tamilnadu State, India. In the humid zone of India, small ruminants fit into the smallholder production system, as they require low initial capital investment and low operational cost. Majority of rural owners of small ruminants are farmers involved in food and tree crop production, or women involved in food processing and marketing. A large percentage of the rural people satisfy their subsistence needs through livestock production which involves the rearing and marketing of livestock. Diseases and inadequate nutrition in terms of quality or quantity constitute serious constraints to small ruminant production in tamilnadu.To study on distribution of socio-economic characteristics of the small ruminants in farmers. To estimate the type of small ruminants. To base on the feed and feeding use for small ruminants. To identified the management symptoms, health problems, and diseases in small ruminants. This study based on primary data sources. This study covered 80 respondents those are get to perceived training needs of small ruminant’s farmers from in Salem district. This study should be taken into consideration in developing any livestock training programmer in the area. The identified needs must be addressed by all stakeholders, that is, farmers themselves, government, livestock scientists, veterinarians and livestock extension the study in Salem district of tamilnadu.

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