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Sarah Joseph is a seminal Malayali writer acclaimed for her feministic views. Even from a young age she faced many obstacles in her fight to be an independent woman. She was married off before the age of 15 and her style of early verse which where love poems in praise of Krishna where applauded by veterans. But when she was disillusioned with these writings, she turned to serious topics which were at first not at all supported by the men in her life. She writes both short stories and novels which focuses mainly on women centric themes. This paper deals with her short story 'Inside Every Women Writer' which focuses on a women writer and her feeling of being caged in her own house. The writer feels her husband's hold on her stifling her creativity. This necessity to stand as a strong independent woman and write on topics of her interest are narrated within the story. The narrator shows some of the ideas and viewpoints solely through elements of magical realism. How she manages to culture a voice of her own and how a woman both as a person and as a writer is alienated becomes part of the story. The female psyche being subjected to multiple wounds of the unhappy male and his egoist nature and how an independent woman finds the will to leave it all behind and attain freedom as an individual is portrayed in the story. The paper focuses entirely on the use of magical realism in the story as an important literary device and looks at its implications.

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