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In the realm of feminist study, the woman story writers deal with the themes of love, marriage, loneliness and quest for identity. Self is related to individual where as the Identity is concerned with position in society. Cultural identity of feeling makes connection to the part of the self conception and self awareness. It concerns with nationality, customs, religious and religious convictions, age group, community and any other social group type. The present paper reveals the discussion on the key findings with regard to the ‘self’ and cultural identity of protagonist in the short stories of Jhumpa Lahiri in special reference to The Interpreter of Maladies. She is a superb interpreter of a cultural multiplicity. Lahiri’s stories are insightful critique of human relationships, bonds as well as promise that one has to make with native soil along with the migrated land

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Patni, M., & Nath, D. (2019). Jhumpa Lahiri: A Social and Emotional maladjustment in ‘Interpreter of Maladies’. Think India Journal, 22(3), 14-19. Retrieved from