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This research was performed in an Arts and science college of Indian ESL learners to explore the impact of mind mapping of vocabulary based retention strategy use. First year general English students were chosen. An experimental method was conducted; forty students have been taken as the subject. They were subjected to therapy in which the use of mind mapping approach instructed vocabulary selection through miming. The findings of the post-test acquired through the SPSS software showed at the end of instructions find that students can retain the words what they learned before. The findings of a delayed post-test after sometime disclosed that the long-term impact of the mind mapping approach was considerably effective in retaining the vocabulary by ESL learners in teaching this activity. One significant pedagogical implication of this research is that a more focused mind mapping approach of vocabulary can be very efficient at the general English classroom of ESL learners.

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Innaci, D. L., & Joy, D. J. L. (2019). The Impact of Vocabulary Based Retention Strategy of Mind Mapping in ESL Classroom. Think India Journal, 22(3), 27-33. Retrieved from