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                      This article throws light on the distress a liminal experience could give for an individual or to a community who belong to a specific ethnicity, regarding the novel Snow written by the Turkish writer, Orhan Pamuk. Turkey located geographically in the edges of landscapes where the east and the west meet encounters this liminality over a couple of decades and stays as the setting of the novel Snow. In the liminal state, people fall in the breaks and crevices of the social structure which they think.The liminal stage individual encounters, a period of instability and vulnerability. Orhan Pamuk's Snow reflects the unpleasant experience of progress from the Islam arranged Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey. The setting of the novel, the town of Kars, a periphery city fringe to Turkey stands as a representative of Turkey's minimization from the world. Pamuk supplements the fruitless condition of the city all through this novel.

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