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Animal farm by George Orwell published in 1945 seems to be a plainly written tale at a cursory glance but it with an in depth study we could fathom the scope of it. Animal farm is rich at diverse flavours all well mixed to give the perfect taste for sensibilities and intellect. Richness of literary techniques, multidimensional narratives, characters and symbolic delicacies is offered by animal farm. The literary richness is exhibited in a simple allegorical form which represents perfect craftsmanship. This paper will discuss the various vital aspects of the novel including its multidimensional themes, felicitous characters, diverse narratives and precise symbols along with the well established techniques of social settlements.

George Orwell the writer had an intimate experience of the brutal dealings during World War II, as he corresponded for BBC. He was instigated by the communism at USSR and his desire to bring to light the factual conditions and real reasons which gave birth to the novella Animal Farm. The variety of themes strikes the correct chord of thought. The novella is written in a form of political allegory based on the political and social fervour; where the characters replicate the leaders, common populace, bureaucrats and enterprise-grade at USSR during and after the Russian revolution of 1917.

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