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Many Polytechnics have adopted a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS) as platforms for e-learning. The key to effective e-learning implementation courses is not multimedia, rollovers, or drag-and-drop interactions. It is how the students get engaged by the content. A desktop review was carried out to explore and establish conceptions of how e-learning tools can enable and sustain student’s engagement in the learning processes. The review shows that e-learning tools can enable and sustain students content engagement through content presentation tools, critical engagement through collaboration tools, self-regulated learning through assessment tools, self-engagement through the variety provided by e-learning tools, on-task engagement through access to information through hyperlinks/email, and substantive engagement through the ability for students to skip material they already know and understand, and concentrate on new knowledge. The review was gathered based on primary data (Questionnaire). It was concluded that regardless of the available tools, e-learning can be implemented at various levels.

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Babalola, A., Adekunle, A., Ndidi, O., & Aderanti, F. (2019). E-Learning among Nigeria Polytechnic Students. Think India Journal, 22(3), 153-157. Retrieved from