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This study examined an analysis of China–Nigeria economic cooperation to ascertain whether the both countries have benefited from the economic relations or if it is one sided. The study was guided by complex interdependence theory by Keohane and Nye. The study addressed issues that have to do with conceptual clarifications such as; the concept of economic cooperation. The study adopted ex-post factor research design as the research design while data for the study was through secondary sources like journal article, text books magazine newspapers and institutional documents. The findings of the study show that there were economic cooperation that existed between China and Nigeria such as energy (oil), infrastructure and education. The study also found that Nigeria has not benefitted from the economic cooperation with China due to China’s neo-colonialism attitude towards Nigeria, China’s exploitative tendency toward Nigeria and China’s sub-standard goods brought into Nigeria. Based on these findings the study recommended among others that; Nigeria should use China’s aspiration for oil to extract concession in areas vital to Nigeria interest and Nigerian government must set up policies that will make China to ensure that the goods that are brought into Nigeria are up to the standard.

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