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The proportion of population having 60 years and above is increasing day by day which collectively termed as “Ageing”. Nearly 961 million of them have been found in the entire world that contributes 12.3% in 2015 and projected to reach at 21.5% in 2050 onwards. It has been continuing in respect of all developed as well as developing countries. It may result in the consequences of declining mortality with higher expectation of life at birth. The Kamrup (M) District has also witnessed this issue with a gradual trend of increasing that poses an upcoming serious threat of concern with challenges faced by elderly. For more convenient, the findings of the paper has extracted in the contexts of trend, growth, pattern as well as in the socio-economic composition of the elderly population as well.

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Devi, R. (2019). Patterns of Population Ageing in Kamrup (M) District, Assam: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 110-121. Retrieved from