A Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources Asian Studies, a bi-Annual Journal, has been since the year 1983, based on the following:
1. focuses attention on the social, political and economic developments of current interest and pertaining to the countries of Asia 
2. contains occasional research papers of the academic staff of the Institute. 
3. reports of the seminars, symposium, and other events held in the Institute from time to time. 
4. acts as a means of intellectual exchanges with other research institutes in the country and abroad 
5. publishes learned papers from scholars working elsewhere on problems and projects relevant to the research interest of the institute 
6. initiates documentation series on materials relating to various aspects of the life and culture of the Asian people and 
7. generally indicates the basic trends of co-operation taking place at different levels between the developing countries of Asia. 
While the journal encourages responsible academic research on the lines suggested above, the opinions and findings of the contributing authors need not reflect the opinions or policies of the Institute as such.
Send papers for publication to as@eduindex.org