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One of the burning issues of today’s Indian society is increased life span resulting in increment of elderly population, who are more vulnerable to abundant sensory disabilities. Hearing impairment is one of the serious issues among geriatrics which adversely affect their mental health. While pondering over this issue, the present researchers decided to carry out a study to assess and compare the mental health of elderly with varying degree of hearing loss. A purposive  sample of 300 elderly with five groups each comprising of 60 elderly were  self perceived normal hearing, diagnosed as mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe impaired hearing loss, aged 60 years and above, both male and female belonging to rural as well as urban areas was drawn from their residence and private ENT clinics of Rohtak City, Haryana, India. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post hoc test) were used. Though significant deterioration in mental health was found with varying degree of impaired hearing. But this deterioration was not found in accordance with the increment in hearing loss.

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