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Women play a very important role in society as well as the economic development of the country. The contribution of women to economic growth is very significant. Nowadays they are contributing in every sector of the economy viz. banking, finance, defense, manufacturing, education, insurance, information technology, telecommunication, and agriculture etc. Women are hard working by nature and have proved their worth to be good managers. They are efficient in planning, managing and effective utilization of resources. They play a significant role in meeting social responsibilities and community development. There is a number of career opportunities for women in business as well as in employment. However, there are various challenges which they face while being in employment. This paper aims at analyzing the opportunities and challenges of employment faced by women in India. The study is based on primary as well as secondary data. Major challenges faced by women during employment as revealed by the present study are social structure, work-life imbalance, gender discrimination, maternity issues, mobility & transfer issues, security, unsupportive bosses, sexual harassment and non-inclusive workplace etc.  

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