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The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of social media on buying behavior. This study is to recognize the effectiveness of social media, effectiveness of buying behavior and problems of social media on buying behavior. The study is based on the survey of engineering college students of Chennai. The study reveals the vital role of the social media in making the positive impact on buying behavior among the students. It is an outcome of the study that, the social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are highly effective on the students buying behavior. Also, a model changing students buying behavior towards selecting certain product, age group by using the most suitable social media and buying behavior equation will be the best tool for products reach and advertisement. Output of this study will help online marketers, bloggers, vendors, executives and marketing managers to adopt social media effectively and efficiently to promote and maintain the existing customers, attract more users in order to achieve their goals and solving problems that are related to the usage of social media.

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