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Indian Banking System has been transformed by Globalisation and the advances in

Information Technology. The Banks will need to make bold moves and initiate major

transformations to take advantage of them. This will result in increase in both

efficiency as well as risks for the banks. In this Paper, an attempt has been made to

do a comparative analysis of the performance of Public Sector Banks. For this

purpose, 26 Public Sector Banks have been chosen. The performance analysis has

been done using the CAMEL Approach. CAMEL stands for Capital Adequacy, Asset

Quality, Management Quality, Earning Quality and Liquidity. The Banks have been

ranked on each of these 5 Parameters using two ratios each. A Composite Index

has been developed at the end for the final ranking. On the basis of the final

rankings, Bank of Baroda has been ranked first followed by Andhra Bank and State

Bank of Hyderabad

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