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Argobba is a South Ethio-Semitic verbal which is mainly practiced in day-to-day message by a people of around 140, 134 societies in the Argobba Zone (Central Statistical Agency (2008:59), Ethiopia, whose linguistic constructions were not fine labeled. The Argobba exists in the cliff hills of northeastern Shewa and southeastern Wollo, a marginal of them are alive in the contiguous clearances of the city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia. The Argobba sort their existing by humanizing florae, by upbringing faunae, flapping and by trade (Hussen, 2006:416). Greatest of the Argobba persons are groups of Islam. As a consequence, the Islamic faith significantly affects the philosophy as well as the existing flair of the humanity. The vital purpose of this article is to offer a complete explanation and skins of Questions of the Argobba linguistic. The article is communicative in flora, and then the reading is mostly worried with telling what is really being in the linguistic, and mostly trusts on chief language facts. The language facts, i.e. the elicited grammatical facts regarding Questions, was composed from innate utterers of the linguistic throughout six months of research directed among 2015 and 2016 in Argobba Special woreda, South Wollo Zone of the Amhara Regional State, exactly in the Administrative Medina and five Kebeles which are adjacent to Medina. Three kinds of questions can be illustrious in Argobba: polar, content and rhetorical questions. Polar questions have the same Morpho-Syntactic construction like declarative clauses but are noticeable by a levitation pitch near the end of the clause. Content questions are categorized by the occurrence of interrogative pronouns. Like content questions, rhetorical questions (asking without expecting an answer/using speech.

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