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This article analyzes the problem of sports in modern conditions. The article reveals the concept of sport from the theoretical-methodological approach and is analyzed by many famous scientists. Analyzing the fact that sport is considered to be one of the important social institutions of mankind, a sociological approach to sport gives consideration of the issue as a social mechanism in solving many social problems of mankind. The article considers the problem of sports in such theories as “Theory of Marx”, “Theory of social systems”, “Phenomenological theory”, “Theory of symbolic interactions”, “Theory of structures” and “Theory of conflicts” as well as “Theory of mobility”. Each theory reveals the problem of sport in a sociological perspective. The author discovers the concept of sport by the theoretic-methodological aspects of the sociological sciences. The phenomenon of sport is that it always unites people and leads to a healthy lifestyle. In sociological theories, sport is seen as one of the social structures of society and one of the most important social institutions in the life of mankind.

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