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The research tries to identify influence of occupational stress on quality of work life and job satisfaction among the bank employees in Cuddalore district. Sample size was 100 in all obtained through convenience sampling technique. Researcher designed questionnaire is with 5 point scale in the continuum of agreeing. Reliability of this tool is 0.84 and 0.93. Path analysis was used for data analysis. The analysis found that there is influence of dimensions of occupational stress such as role overload, role ambiguity and role conflict on occupational stress among bank employees. It is also found that there is influence of quality of work life on job satisfaction among bank employees. Hence, it is concluded that the identification of the factors that are central to a person controlling his/her stress and suggesting strategies to promote the stress reduction process. Employers can help employees change their perceptions of stress, provide them with strategies to help them cope and improving their confidence in their ability to do so.

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