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COVID-19 has amplified the need to strengthen digital capabilities and has provided the stepping stone to an unprecedented opportunity for change. But such a change cannot be achieved without adopting a radically different approach from that adopted in Phase I and II, while building on its foundations. Given the large, diverse and constantly evolving needs of different users and the constant evolution of technology, administration of justice must not just remain as a sovereign function, but evolve as a service: to mitigate, contain and resolve disputes by the courts and a range of public, private and citizen sector actors. To achieve this, it is critical to adopt an ‘ecosystem approach’ that supports scale, speed, and sustainability. Rather than focus on developing all the solutions itself, Phase III will curate the right environment and infrastructure for solutions to emerge rapidly from the ecosystem to create a multiplier effect for change. It can achieve greater adoption and impact by leveraging the collective strength of the ecosystem.

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