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English language has disseminated the delightful smell of aroma with its bank of jargon and stream of familiarity and has grabbed the attention of millions and millions of people throughout the globe with its brilliance and adaptability. Its rapid emergence has been the justification for globalisation. It is not a distortion to argue that the English language is the forerunner of globalisation. Globalization has undoubtedly conquered the entire planet. The English language has unquestionably been affected by globalisation. Though English language teachers have been striving for bringing out the excellence among the young learners, the results have always been discouraging, the problem of reticence being one of the significant reasons for low English proficiency among young learners. The present paper focuses on the acquisition of English language, the problem of reticence, and anxiety among L2 learners, and the methods of overcoming the problems of reticence.

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Dr. M. Nivedita. (2022). Reticence among Young Learners towards English Language Learning: Problems and Solutions. International Journal for Social Studies, 8(8), 1-13. Retrieved from