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The paper examined the theoretical justification of human rights against the contradiction arising from legal recognition of indigence within the Nigerian Context. The phenomenon of indigence as basis for public life has constituted not only serious limitations to human rights but had attendant consequences for Political, socio and economic development of the country. The natural rights holds that man is free from all forms of restrictions that may jeopardise his functional existence as a human being as long as such freedom does not impede or limit other’s functional existence as well. The methodology of research is qualitative and a documentary/archival system of data collection was adopted. The conclusion drawn by the paper is that, if human rights will make theoretical and practical sense in Nigeria, the sections of the law and all practices that recognise indignity should be abrogated to promote individual liberty and create sense of unity among all peoples. This will further help to replace the prevailing primordial orientation with civic type.

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AJISEBIYAWO, & Saheed, A. (2018). Natural Theory of Right, Indignity and the State in Nigeria. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 52-76.