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There has been a national anxiety about the lack of learner’s character.  The lack of learner’s character because the digress of noble values Indonesia nation. Education is attempt to creating knowledge for learner and a good ethic so that learner have a good character. National education functions is to develop ability and character form. Teacher plays an important role to the success of learner. Innovative work behavior that displayed by teacher can be a key of success to achieving goals. Transformational leadership can impact innovative work behavior. The research aims to find out the significance effect of perceived transformational leadership on innovative work behavior in junior high school’s teacher. Subject in this research are 70 junior high school’s teacher. To measure transformational leadership, used modified Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) from Bass (1985). To measure innovative work behavior using a scale developed by researcher based on dimension from Janssen (2000). This research used simple linier regression analysis technique. This result show that any significant effect between perceived transformational leadership on innovative work behavior in Junior High School’s teacher in the amount of 9,1%.

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Mediana, G. (2018). The Impact of Perception of Transformational Leadership on Innovative Work Behavior in Junior High School’s Teacher. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 97-101.