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Lower literacy of female in Pakistan is due to many constraints such as, Socio-economic and religious issues. Females are expected to leave the family one day by getting married; therefore educating girls are considered a financial loss by the parents. Therefore, parents are more likely to educate their sons only. But unfortunately female literacy rate is very low in Pakistan. Women comprise a bigger part of Pakistani society. Population of female is more than as compare to men. Female educational literacy rate is low. Girls have to face several barriers, Socio-economic (Parental Occupation, Sibling size, Family income) and religious factor (Extremist attitude towards female education) for their studies and future career. Government and other authorities concern and give attention on women education. This study is basically targeting the factors that are main barriers for women education.(Malik&Nawaz,2016)

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Fatima, H., Malik, Z. ul A., & Fatima, A. (2018). Education Barriers for Female in Pakistani Society. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 102-106.