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This study explored young people social media exposure and materialistic values through the difficult situation of being faced with two alternatives, seen as an important area of study for social educators. Cultivation and social realism served as the theoretical base for the study, and literature was reviewed along these perspectives. It was an online survey and undergraduates of Lagos State University served as the total population. Purposive sampling technique was used to randomly select undergraduates of Lagos State University who are on Instagram. Lagos State University official Instagram page formed the existing database as it was used as the platform to request the participation of undergraduates in the 5minutes online survey. The instrument had Sections A, B & C. In section B, participants responded to a 10-item short version of Material Values Scale (MVS, Richins, 2004) while section C was a 10-item statements on social media exposure. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer and calculate research questions 1 and 2. While research question 3 had corresponding research hypothesis which was tested and analysed with paired t-test at 0.05 level of significance. Output of the analysis revealed that there is significant relationship between social media exposure and materialistic values among undergraduates. The study recommended the need for social media literacy through its introduction as a theme/topic/course in social studies curriculum at all levels of education to educate users on the dangers and also enhance the positive traits of social media.

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Yusuf, Odutayo, H. T., Akintola, A. O., & A. O., M. Y. (2018). Social Media Exposure and Materialistic Values- A Dilemma for Undergraduates of Lagos State University. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(1), 107-116.