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In the era of globalization and digital today, the development of the Internet is increasingly widespread and rapid. This development can also have an impact on the economy so it has. This study aims to see the influence of Trust, Risk Perceptions, and Perceive Site Quality on Online Shopping Behavior on Instagram users. Researchers chose Instagram because it is unique compared to web based online shop. The number of respondents in this study is 210 people and using purposive sampling technique. From multiple regression analysis conducted by using SPSS, found Trust (sig = 0,00) and Perceive Site Quality (sig = 0,00) have an effect to Behavior of Online Shopping. While Risk Perception (sig = 0.566) does not give a significant effect on the behavior of online shopping.

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Mediana, G., Fitriani, I. A., Pardede, M., & Rahardjo, W. (2018). The Impact of Trust, Risk Perception, and Perceive Site Quality on Online Shopping Behavior in Instagram User. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(2), 32-42.