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Islamic life style is not a modern subject but society agents and social and behavioral domain thinkers pay special attention to it considering quick changes of society and creating modern methods of life, modification of attitudes and norms of life, emergence of social-moral affairs. In this case, some organizations such as family and media are focused on considering their excellent position in forming social and personal identities. In Islam point of view, social society in which family is a part is the first and the most important organization and social group human find himself in it and take effect. Furthermore, nowadays in communication world and advertising period, media has a very important position and widespread channels of world have unrivaled function in forming public thoughts. Perspicuous religion of Islam has considered Islamic life style and has presented guidelines for different aspects of human life through which human can be put in correct path of progress. Thus present research with strategic approach and purpose of determining Quran function and custom on people`s social life style in media, has found that provincial media has a function more than producing because of having effect on different life aspects. Moreover, fidelity to religion, internalizing Islamic values and deleting anti-religion programs form media are very important.

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Khojasteh, H. B., Nooraei, M., Hoseyni, Z., Moosavi, M., & Razzaghi, R. (2018). The Effect of Quran and Custom on People`S Social Life Style in Media. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(6), 15-26.