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This study investigated those socio-economic conditions that help promote social actions in Nigeria and how these impinge on Nigeria’s quest to attain socio economic development. It was emphasized that youths who presumably are the leaders of tomorrow are being consistently and persistently alienated from the social wealth which leads to frustration. These frustrations are expressed through different forms of social actions. In employing Karl Marx’s Political Economy paradigm, this study acknowledged the fact that there are indeed two classes constantly in conflict with each other in the process of production and that the estrangement of one class by the other breeds social actions within the State. The historical, analytical and philosophical research designs were adopted for the study. The study discovered that a lot of factors were responsible for the incessant cases of social actions in the country some which include bad governance, corruption, poor educational opportunities amongst others. The study therefore recommends that government at all levels should endeavour to address the issue of poverty as it will help address the development crisis in the Nigeria.

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Daniel B., I. (2018). Youths, Social Action and Nigeria’s Socio-economic Development. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(6), 41-54.