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The paper attempts to situate Human Security and Development as the outcome of good governance in Africa. In doing this, we employed the Human Security Approach as an Analytical Framework to interrogate Development in the African continent. In our contemporary world system where, through the effect of globalization, awareness has been created on the role of good leadership in fast tracking peace, Security and Development, the impact of lack of credible governance in Africa has led to political schism, war, poverty, hunger, a corollary of which is the phenomenon of refugeeism for which the continent has become notorious within the world community. In this context, only a political leadership committed to sustainable democratic norms, economic and social development can guarantee peace Security and Development in Africa. In the light of the above, the paper recognizes the correlation between good governance, human security. In view of the foregoing, the paper recommends for the continent, a leadership that understands the connection between good governance and Human Security as a Sine qua-non for Development. In terms of Methodology Secondary data were explored for the analysis of this paper based on the case study.

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Daniel B., I., & OMAGILE, E. S. U. (2018). Human Security and Development in Africa. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(6), 55-71.