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Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are important to be examined as they are associated with many positive outcomes. This study aims to examine the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction. The sample in this study is permanent employee of automotive manufacturing company as much as 68 respondents and . used quantitative method. Relationship hypothesis proposed was analyzed using product moment pearson and resulted a very significant positive relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction, with correlation coefficiency r = 0,849 and significance level p = 0,000 (p≤0,01). The contribution of each organizational commitment is also shown in this study used linear regression analysis, while affective commitment is highest contribution to job satisfaction.

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Jayanti, A. D., & Asmarany, A. I. (2018). Organizational Commitment of Employee on Automotive Manufacturing Company and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction. International Journal for Social Studies, 4(8), 73-81.