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This work examines the political intrigues and strategies in Benin in 1954, 1959 and 1964 federal elections in Nigeria. It assesses the intention of Oba Akenzua II to contest election and his defection from Otu-Edo party to Action Group. The work discusses the electoral victory of Otu-Edo/NCNC alliance over other political parties in Benin. Finally it examines the creation of Mid-West Region in spite of initial challenges. The study relied on both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources include oral Interview and documentary data. The secondary sources include relevant books, journals articles, newspapers, periodicals and internet materials. The work found that in spite of the defection of Oba Akenzua II to Action Group and his appointment as Minister, Otu-Edo candidates had landslide victory in the elections of 1954, 1959 and 1964 in Benin. It also found that there was high level of hooliganism and   violence in 1959 federal election. It was observed that Midwest Region was created on 9 August, 1963 in spite of series of challenges.

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Aremu, J. O., & Ediagbonya, M. (2017). Intrigues and Strategies in Benin Political History- A Case Study Of 1954, 1959, 1964 Elections and Creation of Midwest Region. International Journal for Social Studies, 3(13), 49-60.