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Vol 5 No 6 (2019): Vol-5-Issue-6-November-December-2019

History Research Journal (HRJ) continues to publish papers on all aspects of Indian, British, European, and world history since the fifteenth century. The best contemporary scholarship is represented. Contributions come from all parts of the world. The journal aims to publish some thirty-five articles and communications each year and to review recent historical literature, mainly in the form of historiographical reviews and review articles. The journal provides a forum for early career scholars making a distinguished debut as well as publishing the work of historians of established reputation. Send papers for publication to (mention in subject line, paper for HRJ)

Published: Nov 6, 2019

Tourism Potential of Public Libraries in India

1-9 Subzar Ahmad Sheikh, Adil Amin Nazki

The Role of Libraries in the Development of Cultural Tourism with Special Emphasis to Central Library, Srinagar

10-15 Subzar Ahmad Sheikh, Adil Amin Nazki

Role of Digital Libraries in Contemporary Times: Issues and Challenges

16-29 Subzar Ahmad Sheikh, Adil Amin Nazki

An Empirical study on Satisfaction towards Selected Herbal Medicines

30-36 Subramania Bala Jeshuran, Ebenezer, Kanchana, Leena Jenefa

Women in Ice Candy Man: The Voice and Agency of the Trauma of Partition (1947)

Ramnita Saini Sharda Ramnita Saini Sharda

The Lithic Records Open A Window To A Slice Of Patronage Construction And Consecration Of Perumukkal Mukyachalesvara Temple By Kulottunga I Chola

51-56 E. Renuka, S. Sridhar

The Tribes of Kollimalai – An Historical View

57-65 P. Loganathan

A Study On The Effects Of Power And Politics On Employee Loyalty In It Companies In Chennai

66-74 Mr.R.Sivarajan , Dr.S.Babu

Talent Management Developing An Effective Employee Training And Development Programme

75-92 A.Dhilip, Dr. S. Babu

Perception Of Reseachers About Extension Clientele Linkage Activities

93-101 T. Kalidasan

Happiness at Work of Banking Employees - A study

102-114 Mrs. P. Jotheswari, Dr. T. Paramasivan

Constraints In Information Acquisition Faced By The Respondent In Information Management Of Groundnut

115-119 P.RAMESH

A Comparative Analysis Study Of Alternative Fuels For Ic Engine

120-125 Anil Kumar, Dr. S. Chakradhara Goud

Evaluation Of Properties And Its Enhancement For High Performance Steel

126-134 Dr. S. Chakradhara Goud, Deepak Dalal

“An Indian Woman Piled Up To Her Silences”: A Reading Of Jayanta Mahapatra's Select Poems

135-140 Dr. V. Kavitha Elzie

A Woman's Predicament In A Male-Ordered Culture - A Reading In Shashi Deshpande's The Dark Holds No Terrors And That Long Silence

141-146 Dr. S. Sophia Christina

A Note on Buddhism in Tamil Nadu

147-157 Dr. P. Raja

Customer Perception Of Online Banking Services In Private Sector Banks

57-64 Arul Shanthi, I.Sheeja

The Historic View of the Indian Currency and Paradigms

65-76 Rohit Bansal, Ram Singh

Marxian Conception of Human Nature: A Rival Theory of Christianity

77-86 K Nirupama Singha

Good Governance: Multifaceted Views, Role And Challenges In The Current Scenario


Dalit Assertion in Colonial Punjab: A study of three Communities in Jalandhar City

95-105 Vinay Kumar, Aman Jyoti

Early Efforts for Women Empowerment in India since 1947

1436-1442 Aman Jyoti, Vinay Kumar
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